Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Popup Window And Comment Moderation


Since I have time to blog hop again, I have noticed my list of blogs I follow increasing by leaps and........well, you know.  I had a new blogger ask me to explain comment windows, etc., and comment moderation.  I gave her my opinion only and told her she should experiment to see which choices worked best for her.

One thing I have noticed is on some blogs you have to click your back button to see the card again, losing some of your comment, or you have to go clear back to the top to see the card again.  I chose Popup because it allows the person reading the post to comment with the window next to the card, etc.  If they want to travel down to the next post, in the blog home page, and care to comment they click on the comment section for that post and it brings up the comment section for that post up in the same second window that is already open (I track to make sure it took by checking the number of comments already done.  It saves me time from having to pop back to the card or traveling up to the top of the post and back down again to remember what I liked about the card.

If you want this choice, you go to your Dashboard/Design Section:
  1. Click on Settings in left hand column
  2. Click on Posts and Comments
  3. In the column on the right at the very top it will say Comment Location
  4. To the right it gives Options - I clicked on Popup Window
  5. Then I clicked on Save Settings at the top right.

The next thing she asked about was both Comment Moderation and Word Verification.  I've had some people tell me they won't bother to comment when this happens because it takes too much time and they hate word verification because they can't read the numbers half the time.

After trying both I noticed most Spam comments come from posts older than 2 weeks so all I needed was setting my Comment Moderation as follows:
  1. Sometimes
  2. For posts older than 14 days.
  3. Don't forget to click on Save Settings at the top right.

I only rarely get Spam email in my inbox.  When it is sent to my email as a regular comment, which is really rare,  I go to Dashboard/Design Section:
  1. Click on Comments in left hand column
  2. I used to click on Published on the right first, but it was never there.  It was already in the:
  3. Spam section already.  When that happens I just empty the bin while I am there by clicking on the box on at the top, which leaves checks on all of the spam, and then on the Delete tab.
BTW, this doesn't mean I won't visit your blog and comment.  You are stuck with me.  Winking Thumbs up  Hope I haven't confused.  I've been known to do that!!  If you have questions let me know.  I am off to finish my card I made with Chocolate Baroque stamps I recently and some Viva Modeling Cream too!!

Thanks for stopping by to look and share!



Donna Ellis said...

great tips! I get SPAM just before 96 hours is up - not quite 4 days, so mine is set at 3 days. :-) xox

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Shirley, I had pop-up comment on my settings and then someone told me that it was taking forever to open (probably her system) so I changed it again. I wonder which way is the best for everyone. Take care and thanks for your tips :) Shirleyx

craftieodmae said...

Great tips, thanks!!

Conniecrafter said...

Yes I prefer the pop up window, if it goes to a completely new window and you can't see the card anymore, when you have to try and remember everything you wanted to comment on and by the time it all, comes up you can only remember one or two things, I think pop up is the best way to go :) You are so sweet to share the how to's with everyone!

Donna Maligno said...

As always, you are a wealth of information! TY, my friend.

Greta said...

Thanks for the info, Shirley! So nice to have someone who can explain these things to those of us pretty much in the dark! Can't quite get the "Home" button, but I'm going to keep trying. The verification step is so annoying! I love when bloggers use the option of reviewing comments before they post. I've almost no spam, so haven't felt the need for either one at this point.

MaryH said...

Great explanations here. I like the popup, because I like seeing the card as I comment (I think my blog does that!) My foggy brain can't remember everything I want to comment on, if I'm not looking at the card as I type. (Sometimes I still forget and have to do a ps). This was a very helpful, indepth explanation of how to set up the blog. Word Verification can be very time consuming, if you don't get those letters just right. Only so much time for commenting, so one goes to where it is easier. Very good point to explain. TFS & taking the time to write this up.

Carol Hurlock said...

Thank you for this post Shirley. I changed my comment to popup. I like it better. For me when I visit and catch up with my friends, I can keep my place with a popup window instead of scrolling up and down the blog. Great tips.
Bear Hugs,

Stamping With Bibiana said...

This is so wonderful TFS I am trying the pop up window and the moderation I set it for 30 days, I do not like numbers or word verification.....let's see how it goes...thanks again for this, it is great

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