Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Another Request If I Confused Anyone

In my two previous posts I asked people to go to Cat on Facebook for the address of a soldier who is in the hospital in Fort Belvoir, VA. Cat on Facebook said:
My friend Michelle (Cape Cod Cares for the Troops) was telling me a story about a wounded soldier she spent some time with in DC in November... He has no family and no one has come to visit him. She asked him what he would like for Christmas... After much gentle prying, he told her that all he wanted was a Christmas card from someone... I have his address. If you want to help me give this kid a memorable Christmas, please send me a msg or email: Cat1303@comcast.net
She didn’t post it there because she didn’t want rude people in the world to send hurtful stuff.  She did send it to me when I requested it.  If you have an extra card, EMAIL ME for the address and I will give you his.
Thanks for stopping by to read this and to look and share.  I will have a couple of cards soon believe it or not.  I almost can't.  ;-) LOLOL



Unknown said...

I would love to send him a Christmas card. Send me his address. My email is rmhamilton0914@yahoo.com

Conniecrafter said...

I tried to do it from your link but my email must be set up weird and when I try to send you an email thru it, it says can't do it that way I have to talk to my server, so I will have to pass on this, he will be in my prayers.

Donna Ellis said...

tks for sending me the addy, Shirley! and Merry Christmas to you! hugs, de

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