Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Really Important Request

I have a card in the mix, but had another project for 28 cards I had to finish and get off in the mail.  That's done!! :-)  I don't post on Facebook very much as most of you know.  Could never quite get with it, but I saw this and couldn't resist.  A soldier who is in the hospital and has a Christmas wish.  I worry and pray about our troops always and I have always worried even more for those who have no one to thank them or cheer them onward:

  • "My friend Michelle (Cape Cod Cares for the Troops) was telling me a story about a wounded soldier she spent some time with in DC in November... He has no family and no one has come to visit him. She asked him what he would like for Christmas... After much gentle prying, he told her that all he wanted was a Christmas card from someone... I have his address. If you want to help me give this kid a memorable Christmas, please send me a msg or email." You can get Cat's email address HERE.

I didn't put Cat's email in my post for privacy reasons.  You can get it from the link I gave you.  She will get right back.  Thanks for your help with this.  I can't wait to see who jumps in to send him some of OUR handmade cards!!!

A big thanks to those of you who volunteer!  Tell Cat I sent you!!  Off to finish my Hinged Card #2 technique!  Thanks for stopping by to look and share!!


1 comment:

Donna Ellis said...

thank you, Shirley! So glad to do some small thing...

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