Monday, April 23, 2012

Windows Live Mail Hyperlinked SignatureTutorial

I had to get a new PC.  Of course it had Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail.  I figured there would be a learning curve and of course there was.  I have spent a FEW hours putting some things back to the way they were with Windows XP.  I miss Windows XP.  LOLOL :-(  Anyway......

I could not get Windows Live to take the sites after my name with hyperlinks.  I found 3 different articles explaining how to do it and they just didn't work for me.  So today the light came on and this is what worked (if you hadn't figured it out either yet).  I wrote this for people who know how to hyperlink. If you don't, give me an email and I will help you with it.

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1.  Go to your Word Processing Program.  Mine is Microsoft Word.

2. Name your file - I called my Signature 1.

3. Type you signature the way you want it to appear on your email with the NAMES OF THE SITE(S) (Hint - I did 3 returns to leave a space to start my message in my email).

4.  Have the SITE ADDRESSES available in tabs on your browser, or on a list.

5.  Build your hyperlinks in your processing program.  With mine, right-click on the site name, get a drop-down and HYPERLINK is one of the choices.  For some of you there is a HYPERLINK BUTTON in the tool bar.  Below are some possible samples.

6.  Copy your total signature.  Your computer clip-board will remember it.

6.  Save your file, know where you saved it,  and move on to:


1.  Open Windows Live Mail

2.  Open a New Email

3.  Right click in upper left corner (beginning) of the message area and Paste you signature.

4.  In the upper left hand corner of the toolbar area, above the Paste button click on the (Deep Blue) FILE button.

5. Select the Save As File Button.  Another window will pop up.  Mine is the Documents Library window.  (You need to remember where you saved it!!)

6.  Down at the bottom of the window see the second row Save As Type:.  Over on the right, click on the upside down triangle.

7.  In the drop-down click on the HTML file types  (if it isn't there, just remember when you name your file to give it an .htm suffix.  An example is Signature 1.htm).

8.  Name your file in the File Name area.  I named mine Signature 1. Add the htm if needed.

9.  Click on Save and close.  On to the final step of your signature.


1.  Open Window Live Mail and click on Home button.

2.  Click on the (Deep Blue) File Button - directly above Email Message.

3.  In the drop-down click on Options.

4.  Click on Mail -

5.  Bottom Row of Tabs - on the right click on Signatures Tab.

6.  Check Add Signatures to all outgoing messages (if you want that)

7.  Point your cursor at Signature #1 and click on it.  It will go dark (shaded).

8.  Below Edit Signature point your cursor at File and click on the dot.

9.  Click on Browse.  A window should pop up with Folders ( Why you need to know where your saved file is).  My Documents Library pops up.  If it isn't the correct folder for you go where the file is stored.

10.  If you are at the folder and don't see the file, type the .htm into the file area or select that type file in the drop-down on the right and it should pop up.  When you see the file, double-click on it.

11.  The file location should appear between the File and Browse button.

12.  Click on Apply, then OK.

TEST IT - Double Click on Email Message and when it pops up it should be there!!


Remember that any time you want to edit the signature:

1.  Go to your ORIGINAL word processing file, EDIT it, and COPY it.

2.  Open up Windows Live Mail and open up a New Email.

3.  PASTE your new signature OVER your old one.

4.  Click on the FILE (Deep Blue ) button above the Paste button.

5.  Click on the Save As File

6.  In the pop-up window do the file type on the right (.htm)

7.  Find your Signature file and click on it and Save.  It will ask if you want to replace.  Say Yes.

8.  All done except for you to test it!!!

I did this hoping to help.  If I confused you anywhere, please feel free to ask questions.  Have a great weekend!! Now if I can just find someone to help me get the snow off my blog.  I am not alone on that, thank goodness, or I would be feeling really bad.  LOLOL

Off to make some cards.  Thanks for stopping by to look and say hi!



Daniela Dobson said...

Thanks Shirley! I had to look it up myself when I first got my new computer what seems like forever ago. I always look stuff up and try to figure things out myself.

Patti J said...

Bless your heart - I'm so happy you finally got it figured out. Sorry I was no help! Thanks for the nice tutorial! You are incredible, dear lady! Have a nice weekend...

Joan Ervin said...

Thanks for doing all the work on this, Shirley....I am going to print it off and save it for reference since I am such a novice when it comes to computers!!!

Sue Lelli said...

WOW! That was quite the explanation! I, too, am going to print it in case I ever need it! Thanks for the detail, shirley - super NICE of you!

Cibele Glazer said...

You are always a wealth of information! Thanks for always sharing what you learn. You have helped me on many occasions.

Benzi said...

Shirley, I'm with you...I loved and miss Windows XP. Thanks for your information. I'll print it out, too.

Colleen Dietrich said...

Sounds grueling, all that time spent figuring out how to make that work! LOL

Cheryl said...

I had to recently get a new puter also Shirley. I hate to try and figure all this stuff out. Have a great day.

Unknown said...

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