Friday, November 18, 2011

InLinkz Link Manager, Pop Up Comment Windows, And It's Snow Time

InLinkz Link Manager
I don't have a card today, but thought it might be a good time to give you some information.  Several people have emailed me to ask how I do my Supply List at the bottom of my posts.  It is done through InLinkz.  Right now it is free.

  • You can read all about it HERE.  Also in that same post is a CODE for you to use to get it free at this time.  If you would like a bigger screen, you can view it on YouTube.
  • HERE is another post with another CODE.
If you have any problems with the 'CODES',  go HERE and send an email to InLinkz.

You can watch another video of  how it works HERE.  I will say this about that!!!  It takes a while the first time you add a link because you are hyper-linking to the site and also to a picture of the product.  Once you have done it, however, the next time you use the same product, you just move (drag) it from your product library into the place where you are building your current Supply List.  Essentially as your library of products gets bigger, building your list gets faster.  So far I am liking it and I think I would pay for it too.

Some Tip Reminders That Help When Blog Hopping:
We all have our 'druthers when we are hopping around looking at beautiful cards and techniques.  I like to comment to show my appreciation for the art.  The hard part these days is how to do it in a timely manner.  These are just my preferences and are not meant to slight someone else's preference and it won't influence whether or not I comment:
  • A Pop-UP Window for comments is a blessing for me.  It allows the reader to have the window next to the card, etc. so they don't have to try and remember all of the detail on the card.  You can find out how to do this HERE.  You can do this under the Settings and Comments Tabs.
  • How to stop SPAM comments.  Okay, I know the challenges don't like it.  I don't determine whose comment can be published.  I do ask for ask for word verification.  I do get notification by email of the comment.  Once in a great while I get someone commenting who has no business there.  I just click on it and go to the Comments tab and delete it.  When people want to okay it, sometimes I don't see it at the top and think I didn't whatever.  LOLOL
  • And last, but not least, if you are Missing Your Followers, go HERE.
I learned a few things this year when I wanted to put snow on my blog today.  I thought of turkeys for a minute, but they would hurt!!  Right?  I prefer the light and airy snow, but no, that was not to be this year.  I changed over to the new Blogger Designer Template.  I found out that the light and airy snow isn't available for that.  I even looked to see if there was a CSS code I could add to the template for it.  No, I had to settle for what you see.  LOLOL
  • For those of you who still have the old template you can get fine and airy snow HERE.  If you don't like these instructions, you can always Google 'Snowflakes for Blogger' and find a lot of instructions there.
  • For those of you who have the new Designer Template you can get your code and instructions HERE.  I found other codes with basically the same big obnoxious flake, but some were too many or too fast.  I didn't want a blizzard!  LOL
Now if any of you have a Designer Template and know how to get the fine and airy snow, I would appreciate an email with the site that has the instructions and the code too!  That's all for now.  Our weather has been in the teens the last couple of nights and it should warm up tomorrow a little!!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Thanks for stopping by to look and share.



beauty said...

The blog contains informational and educational material. The post enhance my thoughts and experience. So nice!
I've got to scramble to keep up with your prodigious output!

jimlynn said...

Thanks for all the info and tips Shirley!

G Peplow said...

You Star!! All the info I could ever need,LOL
Love your snowflakes Shirley! Thankyou so much for visiting me and your kind comments, have a wonderful week, Gay xxx

Benzi said...

Shirley, you are always putting out good and useful information. Thanks a bunch! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week.

Cibele Glazer said...

Thanks for the code link! I've been wanting to try inlinkz for awhile and you made it painless! :)

Cheryl said...

Thanks for all the info! I prefer the pop up window for comments, too. I've been wondering whether or not I should give the InLinkz Link Mgr a try. Maybe now I will. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! ~Hugs, Cheryl

derry said...

I have enjoyed reading your articles. It is well written. It looks like you spend a large amount of time and effort in writing the blog. I am appreciating your effort.

Melisa Waldorf said...

That background stamp was just perfect to build a scene for these cute little guys! lovely card!

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