Friday, November 13, 2009

Me And My Mega Mount

I was showing my Mega Mount™ to a friend and she immediately said, "How do you hold it?"  I showed her and of course she was sold.  So I thought maybe I should do a mini tutorial on how I use mine.
I did the background below using 2 Cover-a-Card™ stamps and the Mega Mount™.  Below is a quick pictorial of how I use my Mount and how I did it.

Click on the photo and take a look at how I mounted it.  It is actually sitting on the handle in the photo.   All of IO's Cover-a-Card™ stamps are 5.75"C5.75".  As you can see the sides on the left and right have a little more acrylic block showing.  That comes in really handy when you are lining up with the bottom of your cardstock.  There is a tad on the top and the bottom and that really helped me line up the left edge.
 You get another really good idea from looking at the back too.  Now for how easy it is to ink up the stamp.

Inking stamp

  • For me it's easiest to let it sit on the handle.
  • I put my left hand through the handle to keep it in one place and then I ink the top portion first moving from right to left, etc. 
  • Then I switch ends to ink the bottom that will now the top.  Topsy Turvy!!  It is so easy.

  • Next I lay the 8.5"X11" piece of cardstock in front of me.
  • I line up my stamp with the left and bottom sides of the cardstock.  It's like a right angle.  When I have done that:
  • I put it down on the cardstock and simply roll it forward.  (When I first started doing this I thought, "It can't be that easy.  I am going to rock it back and forth a little. I wonder if I will mess up the image."  I have to honestly say I have not had a bad image yet.  If your ink pad is dry, don't expect a good solid image. This applies to any stamp with any mount.
  • I also find it is a lot easier to clean the stamp by sitting it on the back of the handle, holding it in place with my left hand and cleaning it with my wipee.  I use the alcohol free type and have for years.
  • I always replace my backing on the stamp.  It helps it keep its cling for the next time I use it.
Resist Stripes
Background Instructions:

1.  I inked CC002 - Swirls with VersaMark ink and stamped it on the lower left-hand corner of an 8.5"X11" Neenah Solar White piece of cardstock.  I applied Clear Embossing Powder and heated it with my heat gun.  I do not trim my cardstock yet.
2.  CC008 - Thick and Thin was inked with an Olive Green ink and stamped over the first image.  I gently took a piece of tissue ( I use Kleenex), and blotted the top.  Ink will lay on the embossed swirls because they are plastic and can't absorb it.
3.  You will probably notice that I was a little off on each stamp.  It really doesn't matter.  I picked the lines I liked and trimmed around it.  I trimmed the 4.25 piece first and the other side.  I save these for stamping images, punching borders, or for dies.
Time to finish my card with my new background and then get on to my shaker for the challenge coming up.  If you have more questions about the Mega Mount™, please ask by posting here and I will answer here so others can see too.  If I don't have the answer I will, of course ask the designer of the Mega Mount™ and owner of Impression Obsession Inc., Mitra Friant!!!

Thanks for stopping by to look and share!

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