Thursday, November 27, 2008

Did You Know

Did you know that if a person decides to sign up to FOLLOW ME (YOU), that it was designed to go perfectly with a Gadget called 'Blog List'. Anyone can choose to follow, even non-Google blogs.
Go to your Dashboard and click on Layout. Click on 'Add a Gadget'. The first Gadget on the list that pops up is called Blog List. Once you have added it, click on 'Add to List' and anyone who is on your Follow Me list will pop up and you can just click on the ones you want on your list. I want them all of course.

You can still add people who aren't following too. Now for the best part! You can go to your list when you have time and see who you need to visit. The list shows how long it has been since the person posted.

Just thought you should know. I was really loading down my feed list and it was hard to keep up with who and when. I am hoping this will be easier for me. In the end, I guess my message is "FOLLOW ME SO I CAN FOLLOW YOU!!!!

Thanks for stopping by 'the blog' to look and share.





Teresa said...

Shirley- I use my blog list regularly to see who I need to visit. Here's an extra "did you know?" for you- you can set the blog list to be in descending order from the most recent post.

This works really well for me because all I have to do is click on the blogs from the top down until I get back to the first one I've already seen. No remembering anything! (And anything that I can do without having to remember something is ALWAYS a plus, lol!)

Maria Matter said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Blessings, Maria

friedmsw said...

I love my blog list. I have just recently added it to my blog. It really is helpful to me.

craftimamma said...

Hi Shirley, Useful bits of information in this post.

I wanted to say thankyou also, for your kind comments on my blog. It's lovely of you to take the time to visit. Izzy is a cutie isn't she and so is her little cousin who's 8 months old. I'll have to post some piccies of Alexa soon.

Sankari W. said...

I love following you Shirley!!! YOU are just so sweet as well as inspiring!

Anne said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my Blog, I am now following you too :)


Anonymous said...

Wonderfully said!! :) I am following you and I think this would be a helpful message to add to my blog as well!!

Stamp and Smile said...

Thanks so much for the info! I'm aboard on following you and sure enjoy Google Reader. I will try these tips... I so need any blog help I can get. LOL! Smiles... :)

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