Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Its All About the Word Verifications

Okay, Here's my story and I am sticking to it. I got this information from Christine at Crafting's Cozy Corner, who got it from Allison at Stampin' When I Can, who got it from Julie at The Land of Lost Luggage.

Long story short is that someone else must have felt they were trying out for a typing test. I know that dates me. I have often felt this way. I just had my eyes checked so I know it isn't that with me.

I know its to protect us, but sometimes it is so hard to read I hit enter just to get something that isn't. Does this ever frustrate any of you. If I had any idea about who to talk with on this I would. If they could just make them a little more legible sometimes. I swear I think some bloggers have even paid them off, LOLOLOL, because theirs are always easier to read.

So, vent here, if you have any thoughts about this and I will try to truly investigate it if I think I am not just being a lone complainer. Thanks for your thoughts in advance. :-)

Back to finishing some cards!!! Thanks for stopping by 'the blog'.





The Country Rose said...

Oh my gosh, I totally agree with you! Sometimes you have to get nose to screen to try to make sense of it! Nope, you're not being a lone complainer :D.


Maria Matter said...

Shirley, you are too sweet! I totally agree! But I noticed after the second time of it not accepting my letter/numbers it gives out easier codes!
Blessings, Maria

Theresa Momber said...

I have to hit enter for new letters all the time. After reading Allison's post on the subject, I removed word verification. I can always add it back for a time, if the spam bots find me. =)

Lyn S said...

I'm with you on this Shirley! This happens to me so many times..........it's very frustrating!

Cindy Haffner said...

Wow, wow, wow, aI love this so beautiful.

Deb Neerman said...

I hate word verification! It should be banned. If you wanna have control of your postings, use comment moderation.

Word verification doesn't stop anything ... spammers now have software to get around word verification ... and all it does is p*** off your readers.

I've never used word verification and have never had a problem. Neither has the other 150 bloggers I asked ...

It's coming down to either lose word verification or lose your readers!

Teresa said...

Yes, I am old enough to remember typing tests- and yes, I really hate those word verifications!

I've been blogging just under a year and I have had only one questionable post- not OBjectionable, just weird- that I removed. And removing it took all of 2 seconds!

And, the ones I REALLY hate are where you have to do the word verification and then you get the "posted after blog owner approval" notice as well- that, to me, is just paranoid.

I still comment on those blogs if I like the blog and/or the owner, but it does seem a bit much.

Laura (scrapnextras) said...

Shirley, it's my pet peave too! Drives me crazy. I took it off my blog after Allison's post too, and have had one post that I removed, but it would have come with verification as it was not a computer generated post anyway.

Christine (All She Crafts) said...

I am so pleased to see your responses to Shirley's post!! I have been running a campaign against this, (and found afterwards that I wasn't the first!) I am currently running blog candy as a bribe to get people's attention, and - Shirley - if you check out the nearly 100 comments I've had now, you'll see you are FARRR from being alone!

It does seem, though, that most people who still use word verification are on on American blogs. I don't know why that would be, but it does seem to be that way, which is why I am so pleased to see the responses you're getting, girlfriend! :o)

Thing is, though, I've had responses from people saying they don't have it switched on, but when I go and visit them, there are those pesky little squiggles masquerading as letters there to greet me!! Grrrr!! They're not misleading me.. they just don't realise it is there!

Comment moderation = good, word verification = bad!!

Thanks again, Shirley.. You're in for five entries in my draw! :o)

For others, the blog candy is HERE

Chris xx

Kerry D-C said...

hahaha! They are PAIN! ok so make me verify a WORD...by why distort it so much that I can barely tell one letter from the other?! And I don't get why some people make me do word verification AND then have comment moderation on??? Why BOTH? whew! thanks for this post!

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