Sunday, June 22, 2008

Three Gorgeous RAK's

Wow! Going to my mail box lately has been nothing short of sweet.

This beautiful card was sent by Jane Rodgers, a TJ friend. She surprised me with this when I found out she loved eagles and sent her an unmounted one I had. We were both soon to be surprised again when it turned out to be an owl. I have 4 owls already so the sharing was still wonderful.

Her card above using the Sparkle Paper Technique from the current TJ Newsletter. It literally shines everywhere. Jane, what a beautiful card. The tearing technique you used around your heart is just perfect to enhance the artwork. Thanks so much.

This card is from Deb Waldron, who teaches a variety of art classes at Stampers' Alley in Mooresville, NC. She is an artist on just about any type of craft or art you could mention. Here she displays some of her beautiful Quilling techniques. She wishes me a speedy recovery from "the Shingles". Thank you, Deb, for thinking of me and say hi to everyone there.

This beautiful card reminds me of "Scherenschnitte". Scherenschnitte is a German word used to describe the art of cutting figures, and even whole scenes, from one piece of paper. This particular cutting has been mounted using dimensional glue dots, so it has a raised look. It was sent to me by Brenda Elliott, the owner of Stampers' Alley. She is indeed an artist in her own right, but doesn't get much time to create because of her wonderful stamp store and the classes that are held there. The card, itself, was created by one of her customers and friends named Randi Monacell. She too wants to wish me well. Thank you Brenda for thinking of me.
Can't wait to get well and want to thank you all for stopping by "the blog" to let me share my cards with you.




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Anonymous said...

Too funny about the eagle turning out to be an owl! I bought a "grab bag" of unmounteds last year and there was a small owl stamp that I put in with my other birds. Imagine my surprise when I finally got it out (to do an index card in my organizing attempts) and it turned out to be an OTTER! *LOL*

Cyndi - Dreams Unltd

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