Monday, March 17, 2008

A Note On My Last Post About Michaels

I am getting questions, and I think rightfully so, about where I got the site again for the latest coupon. Some have received the emails with the site for the coupon, while others get the email with their latest store ads and that's all.

My friend signed up for the newsletter on the Michael's site just like I did at about the same time. She did get an email with site for the new ad. I got the email with the new ad for the week and no site for the coupon.

I just now went to their site and emailed customer service with a question about why different practices with different people. I was very upfront and told them that their information is all over the Internet and we are all wondering why the difference.

I will let you know when I receive an answer. Hope this will help all of us.





Jan Scholl said...

I used to get the emails from Micheals for years (no coupons of course and our local store will not take home printed ones) but the emailed ads stopped about a year ago, I go reset and still nothing. NOt in my spam file either. ANd Joann's stopped too-same deal. I have no clue.

Anonymous said...

I spoke with someone at my local Michael's and was told they are piloting internet coupons in certain geographical areas. I wonder if perhaps that is the issue.

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