Saturday, May 21, 2011

Twinkling H2O's Are Still With Us

I don't have a card today, but I do have some information.  Several people have emailed me over time about H2O's.  Here is the scoop.  The developer, Leslie Ohnstad, is not currently selling them.  Creative Imaginations is doing that for her.  You may wonder why I have kept up with this.  Well, I have a life time supply of the older H2O's and I plan on using them.  CI sent me some of the new and they are wonderful and I use them too.  I love watercolor and the shades and hues you can get and there is nothing like looking at a piece of art that SHIMMERS!!!

The difference is that their colors tend to be more vibrant and they do not have as many colors available.  Here are your choices currently:

Petite Twinkling H20's - (6) 5gm pots in a package (6 different packs available) - If you Google you will find the different prices being asked for them.  I always do that when buying anything.  I either bring them up in separate tabs to compare, or put them in a folder until I decide.  I also look at shipping.  A lot of times you can get free shipping depending on the amount of purchase.

Grand Twinkling H2O's - Sold individually in 10gm pots (24 colors) -  As for prices, I suggest Googling as above.

Radiant Rain Shimmering Mists - 22 colors -  Same suggestion on pricing as above.

Radiant Rain Concentrate - 24 colors (Daubers) - Same suggestion on pricing as above.

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE between the NEW and the other twinks:

1.  The colors are more vibrant.   People have commented on the disappointment by fewer colors.  Watercolors are generally deeper pigment color.  For people doing true watercolor,  you don't need all of the different colors.  You simply wet your surface for that color first with clear water and then add your color to the shade you want.  I use 2 Niji watercolor brushes to paint.  One is clear water and the other I use for colors.  I clean my brush on left over scratch paper or on a Kleenex, depending.  I don't spray my pots.  I always thought that was messy when just watercoloring, but that's another lesson.  (The important thing to remember is you have one deep color that can be many shades, light to dark, of the same color).

2.  The Mists and the Concentrates -  They have gorgeous mists and, JMO, I would use the daubers for anything where they used "spray the pots".  LOLOLOL  The daubers are wonderful too.

Here are some blogs, etc. where you can see artists using these current products:

1.  Coloring With Twinkling H2Os

2.  Luminarte by Creative Imaginations

3.  Scraptime

4.  Twinkling Stamped Images

5.  Coloring with Twinkling H2Os

6.  Twinkling H20s Over Copics

7. Coloration mit Twinkling H2O  Okay, so it's in German. The point is she watercolors like I do!!!! If you have wondered about watercolor, this is a pretty good idea of how it's done for cards. I use Neenah Classic Crest Solar White Super Smooth 80lb. for most of my watercolor when rubber stamping.  I have an email into Neenah.  I noticed since I last ordered the Super Smooth that anything related is listed as Digital.  I have asked if it's the same and will let you know, for anyone interested.

8.  Ruffled Card Birthday Wishes

9.  You Are Amazing Another good example of watercolor.

10.  Stamping With A Whiff Of Joy - A lot of their cards are painted with Twinkling H2Os.

That's what I have for today, everyone. Thanks for stopping by to look and share.  Have a great weekend!!!





G Peplow said...

Hi Shirley, Great info here, I was aware that CI had taken over H2O's but all the rest is fantastic, Thank You so much I'll check out all the great links:0) xxx

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the info on the H2O's and the links. Thank you for the comment you left on my blog.

Unknown said...

Shirley, Here's the link to the ribbon flower tutorial. I have corrected the link on my blog as well. Thanks for all of your wonderful comments. I really appreciate you stopping by.


Shirl said...

Good post Shirley, I love to watercolour and use so many different mediums but I love twinkling H2O's.
Hugs Shirl x x

G Peplow said...

Hi again Shirley, I've emailed you and I totally forgot to give you the name of the flower stamp, Sorry it's Stampendous, Fresh Bloom Q130. Have fun:0) xxx

Louise Fox said...

Shirley, First of all, thanks for your comments on my blog! Most importantly, it led me to your blog. I have spent all the time I had this afternoon but will return tomorrow. I especially enjoyed the Twinkling H2Os post as I am a big fan and even still use Radiant Pearls from my large and drying out collection. At any rate, thanks for all the inspiration and enjoyment! Blessings.

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Thanks so much for all of this information, Shirley! Hope that you had a happy weekend! :D

Stephanie Lanzalotto said...

Hi Shirley! I have a ton of H2O's and have not given them love in a while. Thanks for the inspiration! I am going to check out all of your links. Thanks too for the wonderful comments that you left for me. Hugs, Stephanie

April said...

Thanks for the info! I love using twinkling H2Os too. I have also been looking at your recent cards and they are beautiful! great job!

Jan Hennings said...

I'm going to try these one of these days :)

Shirley N said...

Hi Shirley! TFS, great info! Went through your blog and love all your tutorials, you are so creative, love your work!

craftimamma said...

Thankyou for taking the time to share all those useful links. I confess to not being very good with the H2Os but I think really I just need more practice.

Lesley Xx

Shannon White said...

Hi Miss Shirley!
Just wanted to stop by and say hello!
Wowzers! What great info abut the twinkling H20's, I have been wondering about them for a while, now I think I need to give them a try, thanks so much Miss Shriley! Hope you have been fantastic and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Big Hugs!
Shannon 8-)

Louise Fox said...

Hi Shirley, Thanks for the lovely comments you left for me. I hadn't noticed that my followers were not showing up, so thanks especially for mentioning that. Blessings. L...

Tracey said...

THANKS so much for all this info in one place!!!! Off to check out some of the sites!!!

Melisa Waldorf said...

I LOVE my H20's. I certainly need to use them more. I forget about them now that I use Copics so much.

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