Monday, April 4, 2011

NetworkedBlogs Widget

Not my normal kind of post, I know, but I think this information might be helpful to anyone who, like myself, imported their blog to a page on their Facebook site, and then couldn't, for some odd reason, find the widget to post on their blog. Duh me!!!! I actually looked for almost a week.

I tried Googling, typing into the Help section on my Networked Blog page, etc.  Then I found, quite by accident, a video by Joseph McDevitt. I set it up in a different tab and had my Facebook page on the other tab. Here is the site for THE VIDEO that kept me from losing my mind. LOLOL The answer was right in front of my face, but I kept looking for something more concrete.

The key for me was to play the video for the different steps and stop it after each one, go to my page and then on to the next step.  The link was just too obvious and hiding in plain site among other information.  I would outline the steps, but I got so confused trying to follow other people's steps, I think it's better for you to watch the video, like I did.

Thanks for stopping by to look and share!  Happy stamping and the next time I will see you is for the IO Inspiration Challenge on this Thursday!! :-)




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Jan Hennings said...

I've been a little confused about the NetworkBlogs, too! It can all get a bit confusing :D
Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog, too :)

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