Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Snow Time

It's Snow Time. You heard me. It's that time of year here. Down Under they are having Summer at Christmas. For those of you who would like just a little snow on your blog you can d0 it on Blogger by:
  1. Go to your Dashboard
  2. Click on Layout
  3. Click on Add A Gadget
  4. Click on:HTML/JavaScript Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog.
  5. Type the complete content in 6. below and place in the Content area below the Title area. You can leave the title area blank or call it anything you like LOL. If you give it a title it will appear in your sidebar:

7. Click on Save, Preview your blog, and enjoy! Please also note that the code is offered by Kurt Grigg and he has other goodies on his Dynamic Drive site.

    Hope you like your snow. We are having strong strong winds and rain in the Carolinas today. Thanks for stopping by to look and share!




    1 comment:

    Vicki G said...

    Thanks for the tips on the snow! I got!!!

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