Friday, August 28, 2009

How To Cement Rhinestone And Pearl Stickers

I have received some really wonderful ways to plant those rhinestones and pearls so they don't fly off. I received wonderful ideas from here and the IO blog, so I am posting all on both, in case you don't make to one or the other. They were as follows:

From my blog:
Karen from 1 Wacky Woman:

I never depend on the sticky stuff on the gems, they do fall off eventually. I drop a tiny drop of Glossy Accents onto the spot and it is even better than glue. It is also self leveling and if you want to add some height to the gem, make the drop a little bigger and don't press the gem down too much. I also use it to glue acetate and shrink plastic pieces. I hope this helps....
Sharon from Lil' Princess Card Creations:

I use good old White Elmer's glue. It sticks well and dries clear. A lil dab will do ya!!

Jan from Paper Tango:

I usually have the opposite problem, as I sometimes put them in the wrong place and need to move them and they won't budge. I do like those pen glue sticks with the tiny tip however if I do dislodge them and have to re-glue. I think it depends on the manufacturer of the gems. The cheap ones in the dollar aisle/stores are horrible. I pretty much stick to two companies for the pen tip glue. Zig makes a bigger tipped one that you have to pump to activate so this is nice for buttons and larger rhinestones. but my absolute fav is the Quickie glue pen from Sakura. It is like a roller pen and I use it on paper flowers, those bagged loose crystals at Joann's and anything tiny. It dries fairly quick and is blue so you can see where you put it. And most stamp/scrap stores have them in a tin can at the checkouts for about a buck fifty. My kind of deal!

From the IO blog:
Terri at Paper, Scissors, {Stamps}...Rock:

I like to use Diamond Glaze to attach rhinestones. I usually squeeze out a
little on a piece of scratch paper and with tweezers, sort of dip my rhinestone
into it. Stays put for sure! HTH!

DJ said:

I use Crystal Lacquer to glue on rhinestones, pearls, buttons and other hard embellishments. It's the same kind of product that Diamond Glaze is... for adding a hard, clear, shine to images. It has a strong hold when used as a glue for embellishments. Glossy Accents and Crystal Effects are the names of two other similar products. Crystal Lacquer is available at Clear Dollar Stamps and Frantic Stamper. Frantic Stamper sells the bottles that include the pink needle nose attachment, and also sells the attachments separately, for when you're putting the lacquer on very small images or embellishments. Hope this helps! :)

Sherry said:
I have had the same problem. What I do is squeeze some 3D Crystal Lacquer or Crystal Glaze out on scrap piece of paper. I use a toothpick to apply a small dot of adhesive on my project and then apply the rhinestone or pearl. I also do the same for very small stickers. It gives them a little more holding power.
Connie said:
I always reinforce my rhinestones with a dab of Tacky Glue. I use a toothpick
and place a dab where I want the stone and then place the stone on it. Seems to
work great!
I want to thank each of your for the great tips. What am I going to do? Well, I printed this off so I can keep it to use. I have had one or all of these at one time or another. It will be nice to know I can use what I have at the time.

Thanks for stopping by to look and share.





Maria said...

Thank you Shirley for providing this very useful information. Hugs, Maria

Cheryl said...

Wonderful tips Shirley. I tend to go with the Crystal Effects for a sure hold.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous tips, Shirley! I am always having problems with keeping various bling items in place! Thanks so much for the great info!

craftimamma said...

Thanks for going to the trouble to post all this helpful info Shirley.

Lesley Xx

Orion Designs said...

Thanks for these tips Shirley! I never trust that little bit of goo that comes on those gems either.

Etha said...

I use hotfix for pearls and rhinestones but these tips are good to know!! thanks for sharing.

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