Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Really Grateful Surprise

I have been so busy posting here, there, and everywhere, that I was just thrilled to find these two pieces of mail in my mailbox.

The first one comes from Yogi Grunwald, whose blog I found while looking for some foiling ideas. Her blog is HERE. She is into all kinds of different beautiful art and she teaches and sells her art too. I was really interested in how she got the pattern for this gold leaf card and this gold leaf card. I was also looking at her cards she created with napkins. I knew how to do that, but the ones she had were unlike any I had seen. Wow~!

For the gold gilding she dry embosses her paper and then uses a Xyron, etc. depending on the size and then attaches the gold leaf. I think that's what she said. Anyway I received the most beautiful collection of napkins from her in the gorgeous envelope below. I won't part with it:

I wasn't sure you would be able to see the design she put in the S so here it is close-up.

Now for the second piece of wonderful mail from my friend, Jackie Kalchert. She created this beautiful Shaker card and I love it to pieces:

It was not easy getting a good picture of this with the acetate. Ha! See the net in the upper right-hand corner. Some of the little iridescent beads caught up there and it looks like of like bubbles! :-) The background was painted with Twinks and the bottom sand is cork. I wanted you to get a closer look.

A really awesome card! Thanks so much Jackie. You too made my week end with a Wow!

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Hope to see you back here sooner!!!





Cindy Haffner said...

Shirley this is so cool, love that fish.

Teresa said...

WOW- those are beautiful! I even noticed that the stamp is "Anne of Green Gables" one of my favorite book series ever!

Suzanne C said...

Love that idea of the double layer behing the shaker and using cork for the sand! Both cards are beautifu! Thanks for sharing!

Elena said...

Thank you for sharing wonderful mail! Love the gorgeous S too! And fish card is adorable!

Etha said...

OMG you got some real beauties there, thanks for sharing :)

Yogi said...

Hi Shirley,
Just found your blog entry for the napkins/envelope I sent you.
The gold leaf is applied first by using an adhesive like Mona Lisa adhesive,or a Zig 2 way glue pen (1/2 wide one), waiting for the glue to become TACKY DRY (very important), then laying the metal leaf on top, burnishing through a piece of resin paper (like postage stamp envelopes), then using a piece of plastic on top of the metal leaf (medium thick celophane paper that fruit baskets are wrapped in) and a fine stylus, doodle your designs through the plastic.
Hope this is clearer for you.

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