Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Know It's A Stamping Blog........But

Every now and then something catches my eye while blog hopping to say thanks and hi's and ooohs and aaaaaaahs. This was one of them. I have a real soft spot and place of honor in my heart for active and veteran military and their families. They make sacrifices that take such courage that I cannot imagine. Just their absences from their families and that goes both ways. I worked with homeless veterans for 3 years and attended as many 'Stand-downs". Some are torn to pieces in their minds as well as physically by what they see and are asked to do to keep us safe.

I came across this post on Cindy Grigiski's blog, Stamping Therapy, and believe it deserves attention. I hope you will agree and post if you can.

The book has launched and is available for purchase. Here is a link to a blog of one of my brother's contemporaries in which she conducted an interview with my brother about the book. It is very interesting and provides lots of good insight into the book from conception to print. Mary Akers: Interview with Jeffery Hess The book is available for purchase at on the publisher's website Press 53 and can also be ordered through Amazon.com . A portion of the profits go to USA Cares, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that assists post 9/11 military service members and their families to cope with the financial burdens resulting from their service to America. Please help pass the word about the book.

Each individual veteran tells his/her actual recall of events during their service for our country. Jeffery Hess, Cindy's brother, has edited their testimonies for publication. If you are interested in buying this piece of history and valor, I will have it listed on my right-hand side bar with the locations where it is available.

Cards to follow tomorrow and the next day. Vacation is over!! Thanks so much for stopping by to look and share.





Cindy Haffner said...

Hi Shirley, thanks for your visit I always enjoy your commments. You are so sweet. --Looking forward to your cards tomorrow, happy reading!!! (something I don't take enough time to do.)

Hugs Cindy xxoo

Cheryl said...

Shirley thanks for the link. It was very interesting reading and I may have to have that book.

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing Shirley. As you know my son is a Marine and I only wish that people had even a remote idea of what these men and women go through day in and day out...it is amazing!! I wish that everyone realized all this and would understand that even a simple "thank you" means so much.
Thank you for brining this to peoples attention. HUGS TO YOU

Cindy (Stamp With Me Cindy G/Stamping Therapy) said...

Shirley, thanks for posting this in your blog. My brother and I appreciate it very much.


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