Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Great Surprise

My fellow blogger friend, Joanne, at My Adventures In Cardmaking, has given me the Kreativ Blogger Award. What an honor. I am to name her, award the award to 5 other people and post it on my blog. To give feeds your soul and so since you all know I can't resist a good thing, the award goes to the 7 wonderful people below:

I really like the colors of this award! The seven I chose are:

1. Jennifer at Thimbles, Bobbins, Paper, and Ink. She lives in Canada. She does lovely cards and has some that are the Magnolia ones.

2. Traci at Stamping Life's Prescription . She lives in Texas. Her blog is relatively new and she has a great start.

3. ET at VIBGYOR Krafts. She lives in Pakistan. I think you will see that she is humble and makes some of the prettiest cards I have ever seen. You will get so many ideas there too.

4. Daniel at Daniel's Hobbyblogg. He lives in Norway and attends the university. He also has a translation gadget, so you can read his blog in English, etc. It is in the upper left hand corner. He is a very artistic fellow and shares how he does it all.

5. Pam at Yorkie Mom's Creative Corner. She lives in Florida. She is a real paper artist and thoroughly enjoys sharing.

6. Jose at Jose's Jottings. She lives in the United Kingdom. She has some really cute ideas and some wonderful cards.

7. Jackie at Inky Fingers. She is really into backgrounds and is an avid and wonderful Technique Junkie friend. She also just added to her fan club on November 6.

I would also like to say the above award goes out to all of you. If you are reading this, chances are pretty good that I have been to your blog and if not will be shortly. I wouldn't know what I know now without all of you. I love people of the world and have learned so much from you all.

Thanks for stopping by 'the blog' to look and share.





Tlbran said...

Thanks for the beautiful award. It is a great honor. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Your blog is wonderful and I appreciate all the helpful hints you post. I will be checking your blog daily now that I have discovered it. Thank you.

Daniel August said...


Thanks alot..

Thought for a while there that you had learned to speak Norwegian.. the translater works very well from english to norwegian I understand..

I've tried translating my blog in English, but don't find the english so VERY presisely..

So I've considered writing in english again..

Greetings from Daniel

PS. I'm attending High School, not the university.. ;P Hehe...

Phree said...

Hi Shirley - another award - WTG! Well deserved recognition of your work.

Can you pop over to my blog and leave me a comment as I need to send you the Blog Candy you won! I have comment moderation turned on for my blog which means if you leave me the name and address to send the CD to I can read that without actually publishing the comment itself.
Thanks Phree

Elena said...

Congratulations on your award! You are very creative, Shirley!

Penny said...

Hi Shirley, just wanted to pop over and say hi and thank-you very much for your good wishes on my blog - they are very much appreciated xx

Vicky Gould said...

You are so deserving of this - and many more awards!!! You are so creative and never cease to amaze me. You encourage fellow stampers, comment on cards, share your secrets.
In other words, You Rock!
Congrats, Shirley, congrats!

Mrs Mac said...

Congratulations on the award!

Stacy said...

Hee, hee -- Shirley, you are a well-awarded blogger! I just awarded you a new one ... check out my blog so you can grab your award (the right-click thing), and get the instructions (they're pretty easy). Hope you'll like it!

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