Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Wonderful Surprise Today

I received the most wonderful and thoughtful surprise today from LadyDoc at Tilting Windmills. You should visit her blog if you haven't been there before. She has some wonderful information and is truly a fun person who posts fun things. She awarded me with this award:

I want to say thank you and I am so honored that you chose me. I understand I am supposed to list the giver's name and blog site, which I have done above, and then pass this on to 3 people whose blogs I love. I have such a list of blogs in my Feed doomafloppy that I am going to give it to those who deserve, but haven't been chosen as far as I can determine. The three blogs are:

My friend, Jackie Just Stamp It. Not only are her cards wonderful, but she posts a lot of cards sent to her by others. She just gave her blog a new do.

The next person is Etha at More Green Wool. She had beautiful cards and also some pictures of pets, butterflies, etc. that will make you wish you lived where she does.

The last, but not least by any means, is Ret at Cards 'n Crafts by Ret. She hasn't had her blog too long, but I have enjoyed every card she posts. She just got back from a month long vacation, so she owes us some more cards.

There are so many more blogs that I visit every day and they are all wonderful so my love doesn't stop here....................

Thanks for stopping by the blog to see my present and thanks again LadyDoc.





Etha said...

oi, thanks :) what a surprise!
I saw this on Ladydoc's blog but didn't make the connection to you as I have my blogroll sorted by names, not blog names LOL... then went to check your blog, voila ;) so funny.

Gwen said...

Oh my your blogg!!! I WILL be back!!! often!!! :)

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