Saturday, August 9, 2008

Flap Card Fold Tutorial

Ms Detail here confused some people on the flap card, when it should have been simple. I decided the saying, "A picture tells a thousand words," is indeed correct, so here is my tutorial and I apologize for the confusion. Let me know if this clears up any questions you might have had.


8.5X11 Cardstock
Paper Cutter
Scor-Pal or Scor-It or fingernail!
Protective Mat
Circle Template, etc. for the edge of flap
Decorative Scissors, etc. for flap edge
Background paper 2.75X4.25
Main image for flap (Ocean Shell)
Background paper for cardfront 4.25X4.25
Main decorative paper for cardfront (Shell Wave Border) 4.0X4.0
Dental Floss Threader for Bridges, etc. (idea from Peggy Robinson on TJ Yahoo group)
Step 1
Cut an 8.5X11" piece of cardstock in half, each 4.25X11". Lay one piece on your Scor-Pal using the 0 and 11 as guidelines and score at the 4.25 and 8.5 marks. You should now have a card with the longest folded up and the the 2.5 piece folded over the two measuring 4.25.

Step 2
Fold your card at the creases and it should look like the above picture. The first two folds on your left measure 4.25X4.25 and the one on your far left is the flap and measures 2.5X4.25.

Step 3
Turn the 2.5X4.25 toward you (the flap) and line up your template to get your curve, unless you decide to leave it square. Use a pencil to draw your half circle. Leave a little room on the edge so you can make the scallops needed. You are going to find your scallops may start a little down from the edge on the left. You'll see what I mean when you start to cut.

Trim around the edge using the penciled semi circle as your guide, with the pointed ends of each scallop hitting on it.
Step 5
If you want to add cardstock background on the flap, tape around the scallops and across the top portion of the flap.
Step 6
Mount your background paper, 2.75X4.25 onto the taped area. You can see in the next picture.

Step 7.
Trim around the white scallops with scissors.

Step 8
When you are done it will look something like the above and you are ready for your image.

Step 9
Mounted the image by taping the top half of it. Place it half-way down so it will overlap the scallops.

Step 10
Place a protective mat between the flap and the rest of the card. Now you will do the slits for the ribbon to come through the flap. Mark at the middle of 4.25, which is 2 1/8 below the shell. Then mark about 1/8 of an inch to the left and to the right of that. I used an X-acto knife to place the slits.
Step 11
Then increase each slit a little so there will be room for the ribbon to come through as shown above. Erase the middle mark.

Step 12
The first picture above shows what cardstock used to complete the cardfront, inside the card and the envelope. The hand stamped and painted cardstock is trimmed to 4X4. The extra is trimmed for pieces to use on the inside the card and on the envelope. First attach your background paper 4.25X4.25. Then mount the prepared background paper or printed paper, only attaching it to the top portion of the paper you mounted first.
Step 13
Place the protective mat between the cardfront cardstock and the background. It means when the ribbon is mounted it won't show through on the inside of the card. Next, pull down the flap over your cardfront beneath it. Use your already made flap slits as a guide to make 2 more slits, this time in the background paper underneath.
Step 14
Look closely at the above photo and see the dental floss guide. I put one end of the ribbon through it and then thread it though the left slit from top to underneath. Once the ribbon and the threader are all the way though that slit, thread it up through the other slit until threader and the tip of the ribbon are though. Bring through enough ribbon to get a nice bow and cut the other end. Even up the ribbon. Seal the rest of your cardstock down to the other background paper on the cardfront.

Step 15
Now you can use the trimmed pieces from your stamped background paper to decorate the inside of the card and envelope. You can also add a greeting if you like. Below is the finished card.

All of the details on the supplies used for this card can be seen with direct links on the post directly below this one. Thank you for stopping by "the blog".





Jackie said...

Excellent tutorial and beautiful card! Thanks for posting that.

Cheryl said...

Great directions! I may get brave enough to give it a try.

Shirley said...

Pretty flap card Shirley! Thanks for the instructions!! Your a tough cookie too!!! A month before going to the doctor(I am woman hear me roar) You really are tough!! My daughter has had 3 surgeries and is still in physio and back in university. Thanks for the well wishes for her!


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