Tuesday, May 13, 2008

An Important Message on Breast Cancer

I received an email that Congress is getting ready to vote on the Breast Cancer Protection Act that will require insurance companies to Pay for at least 48 hours of hospital stay after a Mastectomy. It has failed to be passed before and the history is explained on Snopes. I checked it out on Snopes and it gives the history and is legitimate, although who would ever bring themselves to lie about something like this I am not sure.

STEP 1. There is a petition to sign to approve of this bill is here:


STEP 2. Once you have done that if you would like to notify your Senator(s) and Representative(s) you can go here:


It costs nothing to join Congress.org and they notify you on upcoming bills, etc. They also give you the opportunity of telling your Senator(s) and Representative(s) how you would like them to vote. Shorter messages are more effective if you are worrying about what to say.

They also automatically let you know how many session your Senator(s) and Representative(s) attend and how they voted on certain bills. At that time you can also tell them what you think about how they voted, positive or negative.

I read that they (politicians) believe one email is worth 10,000 votes from the people they represent. My senators and representatives have contacted me by email and telephone. Don't be discouraged if they seem to be giving you a politically correct answer. It is okay for you to tell them that. I think this is one way we can make a difference one person at a time and they will know it is not "politics as usual".

Any way thank you for stopping by "the blog" and I hope I have helped the campaign to lengthen stays for mastectomies to an appropriate amount of time based on their evaluation by medical personnel.




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Anonymous said...

Shirley ..ty for bringing this to everyone's attention. I myself was a victim of a Drive-thru-Mas.

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