Monday, April 14, 2008

From My Pen Pal Down Under

I had a pleasant surprise in my mail box recently. I have a young Pen Pal that I met though one of my Technique Junkie friends. His name is Ben and he lives on the Northern island in New Zealand. He loves to do the things that most boys his age like to do. He enjoys water sports, bowling, mini golf and his favorite is watching the NFL, right here in America! I don't watch football much at all, but if Ben thinks it great I may have to check that out. He also likes to draw and do stamping a little. I think he gets that from his aunt, who is a great stamper.

Ben's cards to me are always bright and cheerful like the one above. Thank you, Ben, for such a wonderful gift for Easter and also for the great information you provided about what you have been doing. There is a card on its way back to you, Ben.

Thank you all for stopping by to share my gift from my friend, Ben, down under.




1 comment:

Orion Designs said...

Well, that's just too sweet! How fun is that to exchange cards with a nice young man from so far away?


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