Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ms. Classy Fish Goes Out On The Ocean

Introducing my newest Impression-Obsession stamp called "Fish Flower". She looks like she is on her way somewhere important, hence the Rose Quartz Allure Eyelash Fiber by Patton for her evening wrap. She is painted with Opalite Re-inkers and a paint brush. I paint directly from the mouth of the re-inker. Rangers Stickles Gold Glitter Glue is used to accent her leaves and the stem. The background is Technique Junkie Alcohol Smoosh using Opalite Re-inkers instead of the alcohol inks. I love the look. The words, La Te Da, are done on the computer and then applied under Robin's Nest Pink Carnation Dew Drops. The die cut corners are from the Cuttlebug Vintage Die Cuts pack and are done with ArtEmboss Brass soft metal sheets reinforced with vellum. If you would like a tutorial on how to do the metal corners let me know by email or posting here.

The edges trimmed from the Opalite background is used for the left inside trim of the card and the lower left-hand corner of the envelope. If you trim the longest piece off first to measure 5.25" and then the width to measure 4.0", there is enough for the complete length of the left inside of the card and the rest is used for the envelope. Hope I am not confusing you. This sure helps when you don't have a coordinating stamp for inside the card and the envelope.

She was fun. Thanks for stopping by to look!





Art By Wanda said...

A beautiful card, Shirley!!

Orion Designs said...

That is an incredibly intricate card! I love the use of the fibers and the opalite. Who doesn't love opalite??

Great card Shirley.

Amaco said...


I really like what you're doing with the ArtEmboss. I've not seen it used that way before. I'd love to see the tutorial and with your permission feature on the AMACO website. It's a great technique!

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